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Professional Marketing Solutions

Immerse yourself into any space, anywhere at anytime, simply with a touch of a finger.

Carefully composed and digitally enhanced images intended to inspire and captivate.

Coming soon. Aerial photography and videography, recognized by Transport Canada.

The most immersive and fluid high-definition 1080p & 4k video.

Strategic marketing solutions for your brand or your future business enterprise.

Add on a precise and easy to read floor plan to your 3D virtual tour.


Luminous Visuals Inc. is a provider of immersive 3D virtual tours, professional photography, videography, aerial imagery, and all your marketing needs. In our ever-so-connected world, it can be difficult to stay relevant and keep up with the current trends.  That is why our company utilizes cutting edge technology to enhance how the user experiences your brand and content.

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Why Choose Us?

There are the top reasons why you should let Luminous Visuals Inc. market you and your team.

Trained and Experienced Staff

Our comprised staff have the knowledge and are thoroughly trained combined with our advanced 3D immersive virtual reality technology and high-end photography and video they keep you ahead of the competition and would like to help you become the talk of the town.

Excellence in Quality

We always utilize cutting-edge technology and keep our tech up to date with our recent upgrade to the MatterPort Pro 2. If you combine that with the dedication and effort we put into every job with every client and you’ll get the best quality product every time.

Engaging your market

Our company does everything in its power to engage you and your target market along with their advanced tools in 3D technologies. It’ll give you that bold, and impactful WOW factor, that will spark everyone’s curiosity.

Fast Delivery

Our team does not waste any time and processes the work right away. We have an ultra-fast turn around time so you can get on the market immediately. Expect most services to be ready within 24-72 hours.

Innovative Marketing

We always come up with innovative and unique solutions. We understand that every business is different, so we’ll tailor our services specifically to what you need so that people will want to come to your doorstep or website.

Easy Navigation

All of our services are easily accessible and easy to navigate. We also take care of all the sophisticated mumbo jumbo and made it simple enough so that you can focus on your passion. Because even making money should be easy and we have the formula. Fill out the ‘nothing to it’ form below to find out how.


Here’s what one of our clients had to say

Explore a 3D Virtual Tour of Example’s Home

In todays competitive real estate the image you present when marketing a clients home is a direct reflection on you as a realtor.  Having dealt with many photographers in the past, I believe that Luminous Visuals is the premier real estate marketing company and I appreciate how quickly their turnaround times are.

Allan Asplin

Judy Lindsay Realty


Outsell your competitors & attract more business with our proven method.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

What types of services do Luminous Visuals provide?

We do professional photography, twilight ‘dusk’ photography, photo manipulation and retouching, videography, aerial, graphic design, web design, advertising and any other marketing needs you may require.

What sort of businesses do we deal with?

We deal with residential and commercial real estate brokers,  home builders,  architectural firms,  designers,  stagers, event planners,  showrooms,  hospitality,  retail industries, etc.  Although the possibilities are endless.

What are the turn-around times for your services?

It depends on the scale of the project.  Photography usually 1–3 days.  MatterPort immersive virtual tours can take up to   24 hours.  If a rush job is required expect to pay an additional fee.

If you bundle 2 or more packages together you’ll receive 15% off your first purchase.

Offer available till August 31, 2017

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